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[Charming has been a silent man, most of his time since arriving spent with his wife and learning of this world. He had come to accept that she was here long before him, what he did not accept was that now he was here and she seems to be gone. He has spent time looking and found nothing, as if she slipped away in the night. Which Snow would not do without telling him, this he knows. The sincere blue eyes and charming face are a mask of concern when they come into view.]

Please, if anyone has seen Snow she also goes by Mary Margaret, I need to know. I can't find her....

[They had taken Emma before he arrived, Snow had told him, his family was slipping from his grasp again and it was choking him inside, binding him up into tight knots.]
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[When the feed clicks on, the image moves slightly before being righted as the locket is set down on a table before its owner, a pale man with white eyes wearing an ugly green sweater, sits down in front of it. Anyone who might have talked to him a while ago might now observe that he looks much happier than before.]

Hey. Since there's some new people around here, no one's probably told you that a lot of us, the ones who were here already, got pulled into the Drabworld a long time from now and recently sent back in time to this point. In the future there's two courts, Seelie and Unseelie, instead of seven, and their war's a lot more brutal than anything I've seen here so far. Some of the court leaders are the same, too. [Considering what he's going to propose and ask about next, it didn't seem harmful to let the newbies in on this information. The reason they'd been sent back was a different matter and he wasn't about to openly talk about how they had a specific, though seemingly optional, mission. Though it had been discussed on the network before, that was prior to the arrival of the newcomers. Maybe some of them would remember their vision with the old man upon arriving here and put the two together, or maybe they wouldn't.]

Wasn't just shardbearers who came back in time, there's groups of natives who have, too. Mostly ones who work for us, I think. So I wanted to make a suggestion, and then a request: If you've got any of those people working for you, or around you, can you ask them about what history they know and tell me what you learn? Things like how the Seelie and Unseelie courts were formed, or what happens to get us to the point we were at before we got sent back here, so we've got some idea of what might be happening soon. Maybe we can avoid the worst of it, or at least know what's coming. [And change it for the better.] I'll leave it to you what else to ask about. [The Void? Yeah.]

If anyone came back with any useful books, or anything else that could help us, that'd be good, too. [A pause, then:] It'll be a bit slow going since I haven't got teleportation magic, but I am hoping to travel around a bit in the next month to see what else i can learn. I saw some other people are doing the same, we all ought to share what we find.

[He reaches for the locket then, adding] Thank you. [before the feed switches off.]

( OOC: So, this post is the first part of an information gathering thing Simon is getting up as the first step in the "let's change history!" plot. The mods have helpfully provided some information about what asking future natives history questions will entail for anyone who does it and a general idea of what they might say. I will have a log post for that up next month, but people are of course free to make threads of their characters talking to their NPCs in their own spaces. Anyone who has any suggestions or questions, give me a shout on plurk @ kalinda99 or toss me a PM. Also I'm fine with characters not telling Simon what they find, if they wouldn't, or even trying to derail his efforts if they would.

Oh, and as it's the holidays, it's completely fine if people tag into this next month, I love backtagging! And I don't want anyone who wants to participate to miss the opportunity. )
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I need to learn how to make maps. Big maps—I know how to do towns and short distances between roads, but that's not big enough. And I want to know about trading ships. How far do they sail? Do their captains take passengers?

[ She rattles off her list of questions with no explanation, because don't these sound like any reasonable questions no matter why she's asking them? Katsa opens her mouth to say something else, stops, frowns, and then starts again with less of a demand in her voice. This is far more awkward for her, something she's unused to asking or even desiring, and so it's the more difficult request. ]

And... I don't wish to continue training on my own. I don't mean in magic. I've plenty of help. And I don't mean that I need teachers. I need someone who can challenge my Grace. Who can push me so that I don't stop becoming faster and stronger, as far as I can.


Dec. 19th, 2015 12:11 pm
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[Vanessa's face appears. It is clear from any that are familiar with her from times before, that she looks slightly older, a bit more tense. The careful mask is in place as usual, of course, but is pinched in certain places, cracked a bit. She's been through a great deal at home, before arriving back here.

But she is stronger for it. That is all that matters.

She will never be cowed by anyone ever again.

Still, she smiles softly looking all affable. It does't reach her eyes completely. Just along the edge of the picture, Neith can be seen, her large spider. Oh yes...her spiders are still here.]

Well well. Seems the more things change, they stay the same. We go back in time, and yet there is still the hart hunt. Constants, variables. Different facets of the same things. Truly, I suppose we can't be surprised, given the outcome of it all now, can we?

But if any of you were wondering, Arachne's Eye is still here. I'm not far from the La Llorona Ring, a day's ride or so. The town and the trade is still available, so if you are looking for a place to reside, we would be more than welcome to have you. My guards and soldiers came with me, so I can offer you safety, as well. For as usual, we have no idea what might happen.

While this is the past...the future is still unwritten. We have all the chance to shape it, now, do we not?

And those new of you to the Drabworld, that I have not yet spoken with, I am Vanessa Ives.

As someone who has been here a long time, a bit of advice: heed what you say on these devices. You may trust your fellow shardbearers, but allegiance does not always go both ways. And that goes in all things.

[A beat, then, she tilts her head, and a brighter smile hits her lips.]

On another note, Balem is no longer here. So it seems I am now a widow. A terrible shame, but, well.

We suffer on as we must.
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[Across the video feed, a far younger Waver Velvet appears on the screen, the background of the Barrel plain to see. He's sitting inside, ramrod straight posture, doing his very best to project an air of authority.]

Hi. [There's a pause, and Waver looks down, presumably at papers in front of him.] This is a question for everyone here, in an attempt to address the current situation.

Everyone's been talking about how being back at this time is a second chance, but I was starting to think: what good is a second chance if everything repeats? No one's doing much of anything yet, but it's probable that something is going to start soon. Which means that there should be a question asked and taken under consideration here: how can one reassemble this gem with shards without resorting to a war?

That question leads me to two more: how were they collected in the past, and was there any indication of what happens to shards when they aren't embedded in people? Like. Not before you kill them, but before you're born with one of these things in you. Do they exist in some other state? Or something else entirely?

I'm not familiar with a lot of things here, so anyone who's been here for a long time should say something if they know it.


Dec. 5th, 2015 11:55 pm
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[ Someone's chilling in boxers in a steaming hot spring he'd obviously made for himself. Problem is, everything around him is covered in an ungodly amount of snow. ]

You never actually miss the sight of hot babes in short skirts and plunging necklines until your spire gets dumped in a place so cold Satan would probably freeze his butthairs off. On the bright side, I think I might've spotted a yeti. Or that might've been someone's mother-in-law, who knows?

[ Still, Johnny looks largely unaffected by the mildly unfriendly climate. He's fishing an egg out of the hot spring, cracking it on the ice. It's hard-boiled. ]

So, anyway, Gailleann's basically stuck in Everwinter. When life gives you snowballs, make an awesome sport out of it, right? [ He bites into the egg, chews carefully, then swallows and adds: ] If you're sick of the tropical, muggy weather and want to come by, the Spire's open to you. The fires are always burning in Gaillean. Just don't try to kill anyone, and we're good.

More importantly: there's a new skating rink that my guys just worked overtime to make, and a bunch of awesome slopes I spent days creating; go nuts on it and tell me what you think! I'm always a fan of continuous improvement.
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"This world is different and yet the same."

Words I spoke to another before I truly found my footing in Allaidh Darach once again, and yet they remain ringing true even now. Over the course of the past month I've seen fit to note down discrepancies from the world we knew and the world that exists now - and for all of our benefits, I will share them. Some are plain to be seen, some are things I discovered by chance, and some were reasoned and then proven.

It is my sincere hope that my listing not be treated as the be-all, end-all truth of the matter, but simply a starting point for others in our number to add the observations they have made and feel confident publicly sharing onto my words. My eyes are not all seeing, my ears not all hearing, and even truths of the world take time to make their way across the seas.

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[To anyone familiar with Damon's office in Raven's Wing (or who's gotten a call from him while he's been in it), they'll recognize the surroundings as the locket clears and the video is visible. He's even wearing a smile, though it's a little worn around the edges.]

Still here, much to the dismay of some of you, I'm sure. But it seems that whatever the cause, not only was I brought back to this whole new world, but so were my holdings. The spire, the town, the Oasis... yes, kiddies, you heard that right. Your favorite vacation spot is still up and running. For those of you with hunks of that stupid rock in their chest still, access is as easy as stepping through a fairy ring. For those without... I'm just finishing up the new port, as it seems that our location has shifted dramatically.

[The image bounces as Damon gets up, moving out of the office and over to the balcony. He shifts the locket so that those looking through it can see.]

Yes, that's right, that's the ocean you see. Because I'm now on an island in the middle of goddamn nowhere. Well, not exactly nowhere, but for anyone that's ever been north, living on an island that's a desert climate when there's an iceberg in spitting distance is... a little odd. But, for anyone who needs it, The Oasis is here for your rest and relaxation needs. We're still set up for those with a more hemoglobin diet, including underground residences, and as the only staff I've dragged with me was Fernando, I could use more workers. Pass the word around. I have.

[There may have been notices slapped up in outlying towns on the larger mainlands, Damon able to travel quickly via both fairy ring and his flock form. But the call had ulterior motives.]

Anyone else that is maybe wondering what happened or where I am... well, now you know.

Locked to Daenerys )
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( Emma does not look like she has it completely together. honestly, that's because she doesn't. she's tired of all of this. to go home, to get a chance to reach out to those people she missed so terribly, only to land here, again... it hurts. she's not good at losing people in the best of instances, but in this one it's like tearing open really old wounds. she barely remembers the happiness of seeing her father, Storybrooke again. she didn't even get a chance to find a certain dashing rapscallion before she wound up back here, and maybe that's for the best.

what isn't for the best? the fact she's back, here, and alone.

maybe that's not fair. her entire life story has been about loneliness, so why should it change now? maybe Snow and Henry, maybe they got to stay. it's not something she can hold against them, and she should even be happy for them. that they're not dislocated from the place they're meant to be.

it doesn't help that she should be glad. instead she's sort of panicked. )

Please. Somebody, anybody... if you've seen a boy by the name of Henry Mills, or a woman by the name of Snow White... I need to find them. I'll pay for information.

( this would be a good time to introduce herself or make new connections or ask questions, but... yeah, no, she really doesn't have it in her to focus on anything else. )

Henry, if you can hear this, just answer, okay?

( she doesn't know how she's going to find them in a land that has reset, a new and foreign landscape that she had barely started to get the hang of before they fell back in time and everything changed. but if he's here, she'll find him. that's not an option. )
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[ The woman that stares into the locket has dark eyes, wide and sure as she gazes deep into the feed, leaning forward to press almost too close before she speaks. It's almost too obvious how new this to her, and her discomfort with such a public broadcast is just as obvious - but needs must, as some say. Her voice is low and a little hoarse, head tilted as she begins with a soft prayer to Death and the Lord, a calling card to introduce both herself and what she intends to speak about. ]

Those that do not fear Death nor it's course; heed me. I come before you to offer myself tutor, a gift, to give my talents to you so that you might survive in this world, with ages past now a beacon to light the way to the future that once was. Those that seek to learn the gifts of blood magic, of poison and potion, of ritual, speak to me now and we shall bargain. 

[ There's a pause, then, silence, before she bows her head. ]

I would learn magics of Far Worlds, their strengths, their powers. If you have that to offer, let it be said. I will give what I might in return.

[ Because fair trade has always been far too important to her, even now in the middle of a world she had only known through history books. ]
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[She's still disoriented. Disoriented and tired and feeling like a well-wrung sponge. She probably looks the part too, face having the ruddy, blotchy look of someone who's gone through a lot of upheaval in a very short space of time.

She barely understands what's going on, beyond the barest jist of things. For her, it was only a few hours at most since she was in the heart of the great gem before she was flung into this world, owing to ending up on a place in her world that was... temporally flexible... for those two while the gem did its work. And once she's taken some time to just sleep and gather herself... she can get started.

She still has Feathers. And Pathfinder. And even her locket. Which is as good a place as any to start.]

H-hey. I don't... really recognize where I am. He... that man said we were in the past I think?

[But this area honestly doesn't even look like part of the future world either. An entirely new location. She could try her corridors sure, but those only worked to places she's been before, and it seems risky if she isn't even sure whether those places exist in the past.

All of these time thoughts are giving her a headache. She reaches a hand up to rub her forehead. Behind her, a chocobo briefly butts into view to nudge the side of her head. She reaches the same free hand back to pat its beak absently.]

I'm sorry. [This must look so dumb.] I'm still really confused. But... we're all here, right?

[They're not all strangers again, starting from scratch?]

Locked to Compassnet

[With a more general address out of the way she goes for something a bit more targeted. He'd said the Seelie and Unseelie didn't exist yet, but after a few months of being wary of the lockets, she's still careful.

She pulls up Pathfinder's charm, the wayfinder that Riku had given her, and speaks slowly.]

Terra? Riku? Elizabeth? Sora? Merida? Um... I'm not sure who else is here.

[Who else of the people she cares about has access to the separate network. There's a nervous, almost pleading edge to her voice. Well if they were still here or not... this would make it obvious either way.]
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[Maybe you've seen this punkass, maybe you haven't. He was kind of a wild thing in battle, hard to miss if you saw a lot of enemies floating in midair. Somehow, he doesn't look injured, not even a single scratch. The scar across his brow is an old one, from a time long past.

Dante's not one to mince his words, so...]

Alright, would anyone mind telling me what the fuck is really going on? First we're two pissed-off frat house that can't share a campus, now we're twenty invite-only clubs? And all of that because we wished upon a fucking rock?

[The expression on his face says he's clearly buying none of it. He's a stubborn one.]

I want answers. Real answers, not whatever fairyland shit you can come up with.
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[It's been a crazy few months, but things seem to be finally settling back to normal. At least, as normal as the Drabwurld goes. Sometimes she has to remind herself that this is her world now, weirdness and all, but she wouldn't have it any other way. Luckily, her last gift from Solais is still active so she didn't remain lost for very long, teleporting herself to Leathann, to home.

But there are numerous, countless others that she needs to check up on. Merida sits with a hound or two by her side, the only new thing about her being the braids on either side of her head, sitting in her hair. War braids, that her mother had carefully interwoven into her hair as a last gift. She smiles, though it falters a little, and the choker around her throat feels a little tighter, hiding most of the scar that goes up to her jaw.]

This is Merida.


It's been a while since I've spoken to some of you. [She remembers her last post and feels a little lump in her throat.] I'm not even sure how many I know are still here. Well, here being a relative term since it seems there's even more courts.

[One of the pups whines and nudges her side, and she reaches to give him rubs.]

I know that many of you might be adjusting, but I wanted to offer myself, should you need help. I'm shardless, so I'm not barred by whatever alliance your court holds. Angus an' I can fly, an' I can teleport myself, so transportation isn't a problem. Anythin' you need - trackin', magic, archery - I can do. [Her lips quirk faintly.] I've been told I'm a good teacher.

[Merida reaches for her locket, then pauses.]

Shuck knows we've been given another chance. I don't intend to waste it.

[The feed ends.]
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I need help. [Charles looks more like how he'd been when he arrived in the Drabworld nearly two years ago - longer hair, a full beard, only this time he was dealing with piecing his mind together bit by bit rather than recuperating from years of substance abuse. While he talks, he continually looks off at something at the corner of his eye, blinks, before refocusing on the locket again.]

Not with getting anywhere, or anything like that. Look - I can't be the only one who was wounded during the battle. I was before then. I'd gone through something some weeks before, but... I don't know. I don't know if everything made it worse, or if it kept it from getting better. [He runs a hand through his hair out of nervous habit. Wherever he is, there's not a lot of people surrounding him and with good reason. There are times when his telepathy threatens to overwhelm him again and it's better to be away from large crowds right now.]

It's my head. My mind. [There's a deep sigh, before he pushes forward because fuck his career as a spy - ] You remember when you shared memories with one another? I can do that naturally. And because of everything - I can't sleep very well, not very well at all.

[There's more to it than that but doesn't want to get into the nitty gritty; he's sure people can infer. Mumbling - ] Where can any of us even go right now? [A moment later and he clears his throat.]

I would also...I'd like to know who's still here. Even if we haven't met in person before. Fuck, even if we hated each other. It's a wild new world and, God - [He smiles for the first time, bright and abrupt, in spite of everything that happened.] There was mention of a party? I need a party. A week's worth.
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I am truly blessed to be here with all of you again. The Uaine Cridhe—a great Power on par with any God, the Sacred Gem, Creation—is Existence itself, and it would not have flung us to this new world without reason. If you possess a shard, or once held one beating within your chest, let us acknowledge our undeniable bond rather than fight further.

[A priest in robes stands before a sizable white church, the entire scene filled with early morning light and the backdrop of a beautiful flower garden. Children play. Worshipers pass by. Soft breezes waft through the trees and the distant rush of waves against a coast can be heard. He wears countless crosses and different pieces of jewelry, and the way he touches a hand to his own chest could, at least, be read to be sincere.

"Could be". Here's hoping you don't know him or anything.

But, he's smiling. That's not an expression familiar to Kotomine Kirei regardless of how long anyone has ever known him. He's smiling, and it's natural, and it never really leaves him.]

I rejoice in our second chance. The time has passed for staunch divisions of Seelie and Unseelie. We must have all been pursuing what we believed, in our heart of hearts, to be the best path. I apologize to those I may have wronged and seek to begin friendships anew. To those of you I do not know yet, I welcome you to everything that is mine or shall ever be.

[Notice how he doesn't say he was mistaken.]

In this new world, my churches are open to each of you, no matter your Court or alignment. The First Holy Church of Leathann is present on the floating island of the same name. The Eaglais na Solais, [And Kirei gestures to the opulent chapel behind him.] here in Mírean, never turns away a soul in need. There is the nearby Orphanage to Pol, where we provide for the children of both this world and the old. Should you encounter any orphans without a place to call home on your travels—of any species, because all are children of the Gods of this world—I bid you to bring them to us. They will be cared for generously.

[The tiny little black wolf pups and laughing children and... are those ducklings?... running across the grounds of the church should be proof enough of that. A puppy stops, sits, and watches the recording from a distance, tilting his head.]

To celebrate our new beginning, and as a gesture of goodwill for the future, I offer the power invested in me as a priest freely during the coming weeks and months. If you would like to have a marriage officiated, please visit. I am also available for healing, blessings, and to hear confessions, should you wish to absolve yourself of the sins of the past before advancing forward. I would only ever hope for the wellness of you and your loved ones.

[He bows.]

May the Gods bless you.

[[OOC: Open monthly log for church stuff is here!]]
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[ Nothing feels more foreign to her right now than the weight of the locket in her hand, enchanted with various magics to ensure there was no theft or accidental messages. When was the last time she used it for something, Rin can't recall exactly with the memories of phones and fighting for the Sacred Gem mixed up in her mind. ]

Hello, this is Tohsaka.

I know a number of us are still adjusting to the world around us--[ Boy, does she feel a tad bit too responsible for the new circumstances they've found themselves in, but she won't go on about that. Not here. ]--so I won't take up much of your time. I just wanted to offer a hand to those who may find themselves in my area while announce future plans for the establishment known as The Barrel. Since the previous owner, Lord El-Melloi II, is no longer present in Allaidh Darach it appears as if ownership has been transferred to me.

During November, the doors will be closed while I work on establishing contact with the various sort of businesses needed to operate a coffee shop. It's a necessary hit to finances, but I suppose it can't be helped. A coffee shop isn't a shop without coffee. [ Raising a hand towards her shoulder, she flips a large part of her hair over it with the back of her hand idly. ] If you find yourself stranded in southern Aghmhor, you should come by and I'll see if I can help sort out your thoughts.

That's all I had to say regarding that matter. Goodbye. [ Rin pauses thoughtfully for a moment, as if she was considering something else. ]

One more thing... if you're a member of the Angelite Syndicate, I would like very much to speak with you. It wouldn't hurt to become familiar with my new supposed allies.
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[ Well indeed. The Red Hand's plan didn't quite go as they wanted, but the Void didn't kill them all. That's something, right?

Of course, John doesn't say that, or much else that he's thinking about the battle or the Gem or the far worlds. He just shakes his head a little. ]

If anyone's ended up somewhere and has a hell of a long trip to get where they actually want to be, I might be able to play taxi for a while. I fully intend on checking all these new -- to us, at least -- places out, so I might as well be useful while I'm at it.
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[When he uses the locket, it's easy enough to remember how to use it, once they are back. He wasn't sure if it might work with all the world hopping and travel earlier with the Gem, but now they seem to be back, it's worth a try. Sora's familiar spiky hair and blue eyes greet the audience, though he's lost more of that slight lingering chubbiness around his cheeks, his features more defined than they were before. As if some more time has passed for him. Which. He's getting to, after giving a wave.]

Hey everyone! I'm still not quite sure just what all happened there. Seems at least some of us decided to stay home rather than stick around here too. Or, Riku did. So he's taking care of things there while I stick around here. That and I know I remembered a lot more of what happened back home. I'm not sure if that happened to anyone else, but....I think that was possibly a good couple years I got caught up on there. Of course, I was asleep for one of them..... Who else is still around anyway? Terra? Xion? I guess I kind of lost track of a lot of people in all that. Everyone's okay, right?

[Or. He sure hopes so. It's hard to say, when some people might have wanted to stay home, or been reminded how much they might prefer the Drabwurld to home, rather than feeling more a sense of duty and curiosity like Sora. As much as he misses home himself after all this time away. He gives a shrug, rubbing at the back of his neck as he continues.]

But anyway, seems like a lot has changed around here. Gonna take a while to get used to.

[For all of them. Still. For now, it's something. A chance to adjust and possibly even change things for the better. "Your actions influence all.", that man had said.]

Still, together we can figure this out! I'm sure of it.

[So if he is a little nervous or worried, or even lost, he's not outright showing it. Not yet anyway. Instead he gives a resolute nod before ending the feed and taking stock of his surroundings once more.]
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[The feed opens to a bustling scene, and one on the move. Men and women in drab clothes are hard at work hauling packages, hammering away at planks, and hoisting up scaffolding. Gilgamesh had rushed to the aid of his beloved Leathann not moments after the great Gem spat him out, and there he strides now, observing the populace and doling out orders as he sees fit. He seems completely at ease and the citizens do not question him; there's no one left to anymore.

After a few minutes of this guided tour, Gilgamesh addresses his audience with a broad grin.]

Greetings, citizens of every stripe, including those I could not hail before! I hope that this new world, born of our wishes and dreams, suits you. It will take time, I suspect, for all of us to find a place within it... but as you can see, my place remains in Leathann, as its just and proper king.

[His not so subtle way of announcing I'm in charge now. But he doesn't dwell on it, immediately leaps into another, more pressing matter.]

As my first official decree, I'm throwing a party! A festival of sorts, doubling as a celebration of Leathann's artistic community. You're all invited.

[Gilgamesh produces a rose from his robes and winks at the feed. He scoops up a rambunctious child running past and laughs; he is with his people, he is happy.]

Join me a week from this date, at sunset. Dress to impress, as only our best will be on display! Your contributions are welcomed and appreciated.

[Gilgamesh gives a little nod of acknowledgement, means to sign off... then pipes up with something else at the last second.]

Oh! And if you haven't visited Leathann already, simply utilize one of the fairy rings. Until then, I'll be looking forward to your visit, everyone.
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[Faolan is not normally one to address the network thus, but there has been a matter on his mind for some time now, and it has come to his attention that he needs to address it before anything worse should happen than already has. That is to say -- his mental connection with Bridei. And the fact that he has no control over it whatsoever. While he does not mind sharing in the little dragon's joys and triumphs, and even his moments of anguish (when they happen, though Bridei is overall a happy child, and even when he's upset he usually gets over it quickly). While he does not mind Bridei sharing himself, he minds sharing a great deal in the reverse. When they had come back from removing the curse from him, when he had experienced those awful things, Bridei had felt them too. And no child should go through things like that. It was bad enough Faolan had experienced such things, but not Bridei as well.

Of course, Faolan doesn't even know where to begin, who to ask about such things. And it isn't as though he can make a broad announcement about needing to know how to better shield his mind from a dragon when Bridei's true identity is being kept quiet for his own safety. It means he must choose his words very carefully. Luckily for Faolan, he has made a life of doing exactly that (among other things).]

I seek to know who among our numbers has skill in mind control and other such arts. Either in practicing or advising in them.

Your efforts will not go unrewarded.

[No one ever accused him of being a conversationalist.]

((*ooc note: backdated to right before shit gets real they start marching out to cathraon!))